England Metal Detecting Tours

England Metal Detecting Tours

Organised by The Metal Detectours Company

About us

Hi all, thanks for visiting our website, my name is Mark and along with my partner Karen we have been running a UK metal detecting group and have discovered many great treasures over the years, we then thought it would be a great idea to offer the opportunity to others who would appreciate discovering history in England! (Photo Mark & Karen on a dig at Mortimer in Berkshire). 

We got together with a few of our fellow club members and decided to run tours for international detectorists, offering the opportunity to detect some very exciting dig sites.

Together our team got out there and discovered some amazing undetected sites that would be great for tours cliental and so Metal Detectours was born.

Meet the team:

Mark Becher - Tour Guide, Researcher, Organiser

 "Metal detecting is an obsession of mine and it all started when I was 9 years old and I got my first detector from my Grandad, a Tandy metal detector. Now almost 30 years later I am so obsessed with metal detecting that I run a metal detecting shop 'Hidden History' with my business partner David, and I run the metal detecting digs and tours with my partner Karen." 

Karen Lindsell - Admin, Customer service, Organiser

 "I got into detecting over 4 years ago because of my partner Mark, and with his years of experience and expertise I soon became obsessed with unearthing history! When I saw my first real Roman coin come out of the earth, I couldn't believe the last person who touched it must have done so around 1600 years ago! The coin was of copper alloy struck after AD 330, during the reign of Constantine I (the Great)."

Andy Radley - Tour Guide, Researcher, Site Officer

Phil Lunniss - Tour Guide, Researcher, Site Officer

Mark Gentles - Tour Guide, Researcher

Ken Phillips - Tour Guide, Site Officer