England Metal Detecting Tours

England Metal Detecting Tours

Organised by The Metal Detectours Company

Flexible Detecting Days

We offer flexible detecting days for those international visitors who would like to detect while they're in England but would prefer to not do to a whole 10-day metal detecting tour.

We are flexible on dates and duration with these detecting days so whether your on vacation and would like to do just 1 day detecting during your stay or would like to do 3 days detecting while your here, we can arrange it for you.

Our flexible detecting days vary in cost depending on what land is available and where the day/s are based. Metal detector hire can be arranged at an additional fee. Digging tools required are provided, and hots drinks available throughout the day. Food and travel costs excluded.

Depending on where you are staying we can arrange pick up and drop off directly from your hotel or pick up and drop off at the dig location's local train station.

Please contact us at [email protected] or click our 'contact us' page for more information and to discuss what you are interested in.

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