England Metal Detecting Tours

England Metal Detecting Tours

Organised by The Metal Detectours Company


"I was totally happy with Ken as my guide.  I could not have been any more pleased with his knowledge and companionship.  I would definitely enjoy hunting with him again. The amount of land to hunt was generous. I had never used a motion detector before (just pinpoint) and it took a day or so to get used to it.  I wish I had found more but that's not something you can control.  Of course the eyeballing of the blue Roman bead was a treat.  I am going to have it made into a necklace for my daughter. I definitely would take another tour with you. To sum up your services: OUTSTANDING!!!"

Tour November 2014
Mr Marcotte, USA

" My tour was fantastic!  I only had one day to detect, and they ensured I was only person on the tour, and had a personal tour guide who never left my side all day!  The guide was very knowledgeable about the area and artifacts and very skilled in the use of the detector.  I found a number of artifacts within 7 hours; a roman coin, an 1800s police uniform button, numerous other buttons, a lead musket ball and other ornamental brass.  Highly recommended!"

Tour May 2014

Meredith Hawkins, Canada

"This was my first UK detecting tour and it exceeded my expectations in all areas. Mark and Karen were great hosts and did an outstanding job making me feel welcomed. Their keen knowledge of the local history and geography was apparent in the number of interesting finds. I definitely recommend this tour and know I will be back for round two!" 

Tour November 2013

Brian Wirvin, Canada  

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