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What can Metal Detectours offer you? 

All our tours / treasure hunting experiences are run by metal detectorists for metal detectorists and we pride ourselves on providing an authentic UK metal detecting vacation. 

We are very fortunate to have access to many thousands of acres all over various counties and have a wide a varied selection of sites for you to search. The tours are run out of several counties of the united kingdom, not just one county. We attempt to select sites which have areas of historical and archaeological interest located close by, therefore increasing the chance of some special finds. Please visit our 'Counties of England' page for more information to help you choose which counties you would be interested in detecting. 

We also give you the unique opportunity of spending a day or two detecting with our UK metal detecting club so you can meet other English detectorists and experience a true English metal detecting club dig. 

We won't promise you a gold coin every signal but we will promise to provide you with a 100% genuine British metal detecting experience, sharing your great hobby with other people passionate about detecting and finding history!

What your tour includes:

  • Accommodation & breakfast
  • Airport pick up & drop off
  • Transportation to fields
  • Landowners fee for use of land
  • Recording of finds by the FLO
  • Exporting finds by insured and tracked delivery
  • Finds Report after tour detailing the finds that you made

What your tour does not include:

  • Air Fare
  • Lunch, evening meals & drinks
  • Excursions
  • Telephone or Internet connections


We arrange your accommodation with our landowners and other partners, which normally means that you will be staying on, or very near to, the detecting site/s you will be visiting.


Please note we do not arrange sight seeing excursions as part of our tours but we can offer advice on places to visit.

As historians ourselves we would always recommend that you visit some of England's historic places.

Please click on our 'Places to visit' page which has some suggestions of places you may like to visit.


The night before your departure day, we will all meet up again for a farewell meal and drink at the accommodation. As you may have an early start in the morning, please take time to check out at reception the day before departure too.

On your last day, we take you to the airport where we will see you safely to your terminal in plenty of time to catch your flight home.


Depending on which county your tour is based will result in which airport you will need to arrive at. We arrange the transport from the airport and back to the airport on your departure.

Please do not book your flights until your place on the tour is confirmation and your deposit has been paid.


Anything that is found on a tour by an international visitor would be identified by your tour guide and taken to the local museum's FLO (Finds Liaison Officer) for official identification. If the item is older than 50 years but does not come under the Treasure Act 1996 then we arrange the export licences for your items to be delivered back to your home address. This process can take a while to complete, depending on how busy the export licencing office is. We arrange this for you and and the items are sent to you by us on completion of this process.

If the object(s) found comes under the Treasure Act 1996 then the item has to, by law, be reported to our local FLO within 14 days of its discovery. It will then go through the Treasure Process. If it is discounted as treasure the item is returned to us for the exporting procedure (as above), unless the item is over £2000 in value in which the finder and landowner own 50% each and this item will be split accordingly (Either one can buy the item out from the other person or it can be sold to a third party and split equally between the two parties). Again we organise this whole process so there is no stressful issues to overcome, just a straight forward arrangement.

If the object is confirmed as Treasure the find(s) will be valued by the TVC (Treasure Valuation Committee) and then various museums can bid against each other to purchase the find(s) for their musuem. The winning museum will then purchase the item and the money paid will be split equally between the finder and the landowner, 50/50.

If you need anymore information please also refer to the Treasure Act 1996 -
The National Archives. 1996. Treasure Act 1996. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1996/24/contents Retrieved 3rd November 2011.

Another useful website is the PAS (Portable Antiquities Scheme) - www.http://finds.org.uk/ which is a funded project to encourage the voluntary recording of archaeological objects found by members of the public in England and Wales.

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